VOKERA EASI-HEAT PLUS COMBI BOILER 25kw combi boiler and flue

£500.00 Inc. VAT



  • ErP Class A
  • Extremely compact and versatile
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty(1)
  • Combi boiler for instantaneous heating and hot water
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Simple to operate
  • No need for storage cylinders or tanks

Fully compliant with the Energy-related Products directive.

5 year parts and labour warranty.(1)

Compact dimensions and low lift weight enable a flexible installation with the boiler able to be sited almost anywhere in the home, including a kitchen cupboard. Designed for easy installation. Standard Vokèra pipework layout enables trouble-free replacement of older Vokèra models.

Hot water survivor function: If the hot water thermistor fails it will use the primary thermistor to provide hot water at 55°C to ensure the end-user has access to a supply of warm water.

Simple commissioning, only minimal adjustments are required after installation and automatic modulation eliminates the need to range rate the boiler. Built-in mechanical time clock.

Anti-cycling control prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and reduces wear and tear.

Low NOx - Class 5 performance.

Built-in frost protection, protects the appliance from damage during periods of cold weather.

Plated heat exchanger reduces the risk of scaling and comes with 5 year anti-scale warranty.

Installation time saving features: Built-in condense trap with safety device and push-fit connection.

Combustion analysis test point for easy servicing and maintenance.

Can be converted to LPG.

Individual heating and hot water controls ensure a simple temperature adjustment operation for the end user.

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