Rothernberger Superfire 2 Turbo Brazing Torch 3.5644

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Rothenberger Superfire 2-Turbo Brazing Torch 3.5644

Rothenberger Superfire 2 Blow Torch - 3.5644 

Ideal for soldering and brazing use in plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and other associated trades.

The Superfire 2 provides the highest standards in concentrating high temperatures for fast and effective soldering and brazing.

Rothenberger Super Fire 2 Blow Torch Benefits:

  • Instant automatic ignition
  • Guaranteed anti-flare
  • Instant long-life piezo ignitor
  • Solid die cast torch body
  • Fine filtered jet
  • Professional performance
  • Fast, concentrated, high heat
  • Works in any position - even upside down

Temperatures up to 1,750°C with Propane
Temperatures up to 1,950°C with Mapp Gas 

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