Faithfull Plumbers Brazing Torch Quick Fire Torch FAIGZPROAUTO

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Faithfull Plumbers Brazing Torch Quick Fire Torch FAIGZPROAUTO

A powerful high performance gas torch designed for the professional user and packed with all the features you would expect from a top of the range product. Features of this torch include automatic piezo ignition and an advanced gas control system that offers both a ‘Lock On’ or ‘Dead Man’s Handle’ function and a fine flame adjustment valve with an instant FLARESAFE function, making the torch safe to use at any angle immediately after start up. The burner head creates a Swirl effect flame to help ensure that the flame is evenly distributed around a pipe when carrying out plumbing work. This ergonomic designed Swirl torch is ideally suited to skilled plumbing, soldering and brazing work.

• Automatic push button piezo ignition
• Instant FLARESAFE function allows use at any angle
• Swirl flame action for even flame distribution around a pipe
• Advanced gas control system with trigger lock
• Automatic cut off ‘dead man’s trigger’
• Max operating temperature 1610°C
• Optimum power output 1900 Watts
• Gas consumption 136 g/h
• CGA600 Connection
• Gas category MAP/PRO
• 5-year limited warranty

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